Monday 24 November 2014

Legal Costs Report

AS you will be aware, the County Court at Lincoln  required us to pay a sum of £28,412.47 by 12th November, as we had lost the case against us, which concerned a grave reservation. On the day that the payment was due we had raised a total of £27,771.  To have raised this amount from a comparatively small circle of supporters and friends and within less than six weeks is indeed miraculous.  It left us only just over £640 short of the required amount.

We had, however, been rather optimistic in assessing the total cost of the case for us, which we had put at approximately £45,000.  In fact, now we have received the solicitor’s final bill, we find that figure is in fact £51,908.09!  (£23,495.62 over and above that paid on 12th November).

Even here we have been helped. One rather large donation reached us from Ireland (!), and others are still giving, and to date (22/11/14) we have raised a total of £38,878. This leaves us £13,030.09 short, which has been paid from our reserves.  Though, naturally, any further contributions would be greatly appreciated. God bless those who have helped and will help us. 

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