Friday 3 October 2014

Brookwood Court Case

Dear-in-Christ Everyone, bless!

    I thought, having asked your prayers about the court case against us, I should also send round a short report.  But, first of all thank you for those prayers.  God bless you for it.

    In fact the judge at the case, which was held at Lincoln County Court, ruled for the claimant against us.  In some way this was a relief as it does bring the matter to an end, though it means that we shall have to pay a tremendous sum in costs.  It appears that this will be in the region of between £40,000 and £45,000.  The only charges that we had ever made on the family that brought the case amount to £400!   I suppose that is where the law separates from fairness!  So we have a task ahead of us now to raise and pay that sum.

    There were, it must be said, some consolations in all this.  On my return, I found a letter with a donation from a considerate young lady, who had sent it towards travel costs,etc, for the court case, which shows that she had seriously thought about what was involved.

    Secondly, Fr Sabbas had to drive me because of my defective eye, and Fr Niphon had to come and give evidence, and as they had not been in those parts before, we took the opportunity to visit five or six holy places in the Lincoln area, where pre-schism saints had borne witness or lived in asceticism. 

    This evening, after Vespers, we hope to chant a Thanksgiving Moleben for the outcome of the case, because although it was not what we would have hoped for, it must in some way be expedient and beneficial for us, in that God permitted it.

    With love in Christ Jesus,

            Fr Alexis, sinner

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