Saturday 25 August 2018

Saint Peter's Clinic


Administrator: Ambrose, Bishop of Methoni

18/31 July 2018
Bishop Ambrose with Father Philippe Mutombo and Doctor Patrice Kamfufu


For the first time in the twenty-six years that I have been bishop, I have decided to launch a general appeal for a project that is close to my heart, hoping that all those who are able to do so may contribute to this worthy cause. In the city of Kananga in the Democratic Republic of Congo (population around one million), there functions, under the auspices of our diocese, a small clinic. The director is the Reverend Philippe Mutombo, a trained nurse, and the medical and surgical procedures are performed by Doctor Patrice Kamfufu, a pious and dedicated Orthodox Christian, assisted by two other trained nurses. Medical services are offered free of charge to all our parishioners. The buildings used at present are a miserable pair of mud-built cottages, and the medical equipment available is utterly inadequate even for the simple procedures carried out there: appendicitis, hernia, and cesarian operations, as well as treatment of malaria, typhus and so on. I would like firstly to house the clinic in a more suitable building, and then provide the basic equipment - hospital beds, sterilising equipment, microscopes, drugs etc - to assure proper treatment and a clean environment. For this purpose, a special account has been opened, and I request that any aid be sent directly to this account, not to myself; I do, however, request that you inform me by email at of any sums sent, so that I can keep account. On the sum received depends the nature of the projected work: either the construction of a new building to be built on the territory of our mission headquarters in Kananga, or the acquisition and transformation of an existing structure. May God richly bless all those who are able to contribute either with funds or their prayers

Bank: Rawbank, Kananga, Kasai Central, Democratic Republic of Congo Account name: Mutombo Mukadi Swift Code: RAWBCDKI Account Number: 05190-00156247201-37

+Ambrose, Bishop of Methoni, administrator of the Kananga Diocese

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