Thursday 21 February 2019

Orthodox Aid Fund

IN the civil year, 2018, our Brotherhood’s “Orthodox Aid Fund” gave a total of £14,745.87 to various, church, humanitarian and environmental causes. Of this, £11,682.35 was distributed to churches and communities of our own Synod (none of them in our own diocese) and the sister Traditionalist Orthodox Churches, both to support them and for their charitable work, such as that of the Saint Philaret the Merciful Orthodox Women’s Guild in Greece. £3,063.52 was distributed to other charities unrelated to our Church. In addition to this, we collected a further £3,380 for Bishop Ambrose’s Appeal for the Saint Peter’s Clinic in the Kananga Diocese of our Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This we will give to His Grace when he comes for his pastoral visitation during our celebration of Christmas, and has not been included in this year’s total above. We are also aware that many of our people have answered the various appeals that we have publicized over the year directly, without having recourse to our fund. We are grateful to our Saviour that we have been able to achieve this and thank all of those of you who have given so generously. May God bless you all in the coming year, and more especially in the life of the Age to Come.

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