Thursday 28 December 2017

Charitable Donations for 2017

In 2017 (new calendar), through our Orthodox Aid Fund, Saint Edward Brotherhood made donations totalling £21,832.84 to various church, humanitarian and environmental charities. This is  a considerable increase on last year’s total of just over £14,000, and has only been made possible by the generosity and kindness of our parishioners and supporters.

Of the total given, £7,582.96 was assigned for our Church’s Missions in Africa, £6,013.80 went to our sister churches and fellow Genuine Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria, £2,765.96 was given to the Saint Philaret the Merciful Orthodox Christian Women’s Guild in Attica, Greece for their soup kitchen project, and £1,691.89 went to our Sister Church, ROCA’s mission in Haiti. Most of the other donations were in the order of £150 each. None of the monies went to our concerns or our church communities in this country. Everything was given out.

An increase in giving this year of approximately 55% more than last year is even more remarkable in that, during the year, the community itself has had to meet the final costs of the Mortuary re-roofing and refurbishment, and the re-structuring of the turret. We hope to give a report on this in our next issue when all the payments have been settled. Again we can only thank our Good God and Saviour and the almsgiving of our people. May our Saviour reward you all with things heavenly for things earthly, but not only in the next life - in this one too.

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