Wednesday 22 May 2013

Saint Edward Brotherhood Orthodox Incense

We supply Orthodox incense made in the traditional manner by the monks of the brotherhood. The incense is available by the pound or in small sachets.

The incense is made by grinding pure Frankincense to a fine powder and adding fragrant oils to produce a strongly perfumed incense. As many as twenty different fragrances are added to make each incense, many of which are natural flower extracts.
The incense is then rolled out by hand and cut into small pieces. A small amount of talcum powder is used to keep the grains separate.

Orthodox incense is traditionally fragrant but does not produce copious amounts of thick smoke. As a result, many customers use our incense as it does not cause choking or coughing. Also, as the fragrance is completely incorporated into the incense rather than simply sprayed on, the incense lasts longer both in storage and in use. Only four or five grains are needed to cense a church, but more can be added if dense clouds of incense are required.

Due to the large recent increase in postage costs we have altered our postage and packing charges from a flat 15% to a sliding scale based on the total cost of the order. The new charges will be significantly cheaper for many customers, especially those ordering 3 or 4 pounds by weight.  The cost of some raw materials has also increased, hence the increase in the price of some of the fragrances whilst others remain at the 2011 prices.

Click here to download our price list in PDF format. 

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