Friday 10 May 2013

A Big Thank You!

                                                    Christ is Risen!

    A big thank you to all our parishioners and friends who helped us over Great Week and the Pascha feast: to those who through Great Week, knowing we had long services, brought meals daily for those that had attended church, to those who chauffeured His Grace Bishop Ambrose from Heathrow and between the Convent and the Brotherhood here, to those who decorated the epitaphios and the church, who helped prepare the vestments and clean the church, to those who prepared dishes for the paschal breakfast around the bonfire, and those who helped build the bonfire, to all who helped with the daily chores, and to those who cleared up after the paschal midnight feast.  We owe you and those that chanted, served and read during the services a debt of gratitude. 

    Many thanks also to those who contributed to the Palm Sunday collection to help our Synod in Greece run its soup kitchens for the poor there during this period of austerity. The collection came to £1,146.00 (in addition to that in the regular freewill offering box), and with donations given by others who we not able to be at church here on that day, we were able to give Bishop Ambrose £1,720 for this cause.  Since then, in fact, some more donations have come in, which we will keep for his next visit in July.

    God bless you all for your help and support.  May your hearts and minds be filled with the joy of His Pascha, and may that lighten your way in the months ahead.

    With love in our Risen Saviour,

        Fr Alexis, sinner

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