Wednesday 28 March 2012

Saint Aristobulus

On 15/28th March we celebrate Saint Aristobulus the first bishop of Britain who is numbered among the seventy apostles and ordained to be bishop of Britain by Saint Paul.  Saint Aristobulus is mentioned in St. Paul's letter to the Romans and is the brother of Saint Barnabas. He died in peace after many years of labours establishing the Church in Britain.

The icon below shows St. Aristobulus flanked by two monastic saints: Saint Nikodem and Spiridon, the prosphora bakers of the Kiev caves.  The Church celebrates these saints together with the Apostles Aristobulus, Stachys, Apelles, Amplias, Urban and Narcissus on 31st October/15th November.

This icon is venerated in the Shrine Church of Saint Edward the Martyr and was donated in memory of Archbishop Nikodem of Richmond and Great Britain who reposed in 1976.

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