Friday 13 May 2016

Mortuary Appeal

Christ is Risen!

As you will now be aware, we have undertaken to replace the roof of the Old Mortuary Chapel at Saint Edward Brotherhood, which for several years has been showing signs of deterioration.  It does date from 1854!

Under our architect's, Irina Aldersley's, direction, preliminary work began in Bright Week.  However it was necessary to make some further surveys of the supporting structure, when this could be stripped back.  This has now been done, and it appears that the roof has largely been supported on a wing and a prayer for years, as the main supports have rotted through.  The contractors have inserted five steel supports to hold it while work is in progress.

However, the further work that has now been revealed as essential will cost in the region of an additional £48,000 plus VAT - thus nearly an extra £60,000.

Donations to the Building Fund in the last two or three months have been generous, but learning of this additional and considerable need, we ask you still to give as generously as you can.

Ways to donate:  

A)  Donations may be sent to the Brotherhood or paid directly into our King Edward Orthodox Trust Co Ltd Building Fund account, number 00089278, at the CAF Bank Ltd, sort code 40-52-40. When donating by cheque to the account, please write out the name in full.  Previously the bank accepted cheques made out to KEOT or KEOTCoLtd, but now they are wary of this and have returned cheques.

Also if you are giving to us for two or more causes (even if one of them is KEOTCoLtd), please make the cheques payable to Saint Edward Brotherhood.  Here at the Brotherhood we will then earmark the monies as you direct.

B)  You can also donate via the secure CAF online portal by clicking here: 
All gifts, given in this way, go to the King Edward Orthodox Trust Co Ltd account (registered charity 284929) and not to the Brotherhood itself. 
C)  Those wishing to give to us using American dollar “checks” should always make them out to Saint Edward Brotherhood, as this is the only dollars account we have.  Again, we will distribute the funds as you direct.

D) If you are a U.K. tax-payer, you may also, of course, "gift-aid" your donation so that we may reclaim the tax already paid on it from the exchequer.  We can send you a gift-aid form if requested.

Please remember our need at this time, support our appeal by your prayers and give as generously as you can, and may our Saviour bless you for your kindness and generosity. 

With love in our Risen Saviour,

Fr Alexis & Brotherhood. 

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