Sunday 12 January 2014

Stalin Calendar 2014

The Moscow Patriarchate Press recently released its "Stalin Calendar." "Uncle Joe Stalin," in case anyone has forgotten, was an atheist, born in Georgia, who was thrown out of seminary, who became the leader of the Soviet Union, and who distinguished himself as a sociopathic murderer known for horrendous genocide and personal perversion and debauchery.

After his minions  killed countless Orthodox Bishops, Priests, monastics, and faithful, he revived the Moscow Patriarchate, setting the stage for its preeminence in the ecumenical world and the World Council of Churches. Through its assurances, by way of clergy who were collaborators with (and even officers in) the secret police (KGB), propaganda about the freedom of religion in the anti-religious Soviet Union was spread worldwide.

Archpriest Vsevelod Chaplin, Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate's Synodal Department for the Cooperation of Church and Society, has noted that the Church is ambivalent about Stalin, though it honors him for reviving the Patriarchate. This is understandable, even if Christianity and most civilized religions are not ambivalent with regard to the eternal rewards earned by those of his ilk; i.e., the rewards  awaiting unrepentant mass murderers.

This chilling statement from the Calendar is one that no one should miss:

"Stalin is gone; he has passed into the future."

God forbid that this is a prophecy (let alone one already fulfilled), unless the reference is eschatological and centers on the spirit of Antichrist, the father of lies. The world could probably not suffer another Stalin. In any event, an odd publication for the Moscow Patriarchal Press.

The above analysis was written by the Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies.

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  1. Surely this blasphemous calendar and its printing at Trinity-St. Sergius must have been approved at the very top level in the Moscow Patriarchate?

  2. A brave and enlightened blog. Respect.