Monday 5 August 2013

Saint Edward's Day

            THIS YEAR, the day of the Enshrinement of the Sacred Relics of Saint Edward the Martyr falls on a Monday, 16th September n.s.  His Grace Bishop Ambrose of Methoni is coming to be with us for the celebration, but both because His Grace has a tight travelling schedule (having to leave immediately for Russia) and because Mondays are difficult for most people, we have the Bishop’s blessing to keep the feast on the previous day.  Therefore, the Bishop will celebrate the Divine Liturgy at the Convent of the Annunciation on the Saturday morning, 1st /14th September, the Church New Year.  

            At Brookwood our schedule will be:-

            Saturday, 1st / 14th September: VIGIL service for the Resurrection and St Edward at 6 p.m, Bishop Ambrose presiding, and the Sacred Relics opened for veneration.

            Sunday, 2nd / 15th September: HIERARCHAL DIVINE LITURGY at 10 a.m., Bishop Ambrose presiding, followed by Lesser Blessing of Waters.  Then Parish Breakfast for all who attend.

            On the Monday we will have the Liturgy according to our normal weekday schedule, immediately after Mattins. 

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